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Distribution and Power Transformers

Distribution and Power Transformers


A power transformer is a static machine used for transforming power from one circuit to another without changing frequency. This is a very basic definition of transformer. Generally 10 MVA and 36 kV and above can be named but this can be shown differences from a manufacturer to another. There are many types and classifications according to core, structure, functionality etc. 

The manufacturing process of power transformer averagely takes 4-6 months therefore all manufacturers have to consider with the highest discipline for all electrical and mechanical design parameters.

A distribution transformer or service transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer. If mounted on a utility pole, they are called pole-mount transformers.
Distribution transformers normally have ratings less than 200 kVA although some national standards can allow for units up to 5000 kVA to be described as distribution transformers. Since distribution transformers are energized for 24 hours a day (even when they don’t carry any load), reducing iron losses has an important role in their design.