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Distribution Transformer Automatic Winding Machine

The machines in this category are suitable for producing coils for distribution transformers. It can be used  for a strip or layer insulation. The key features of the automatic coil winding machines in this category are:

Strip insulation technology: It helps in the build-up of a conical layer of insulation. The technology ensures automatic filling of the ends of the coil. It also allows you to program each layer to ensure it can withstand the voltage impact it will experience.

A guiding unit with a dancer-regulated brake system: The dancer in the wire guiding unit controls the braking system to ensure that the tension of the wire remains constant even in circular or conical shapes. All crucial part is to pre-set the required tension levels from the control panel.

Flattening unit: Flat wires have a higher filling factor than round ones, which makes them suitable to achieve smaller coil dimensions. This flattening unit helps you achieve this by flattening round wires to an adjustable height.

Winding software: Modern winding machines are modular and automatic. This support software simplifies the automation coil winding processes by offering an interface for programming the machines. You can use it to automate and control the process from the beginning to the end.

Winder: It comprises an AC-motor-driven faceplate and a motorised sliding tailstock. You can opt for a flange or a rotating centre sleeve for the tailstock.