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How Transformer Core Design and Production Will be Effected from Eco Design Directive Losses?

Very soon, Tier-2 is coming and it is going to change many things. New EcoDesign Directives have to be applied. In this article series we are going to explain step by step how they are changing and how our transformer design softwares adapt.

After EcoDesign revision, as requested lower core losses, which are named as one of Tier-2 Losses, size of the core, stacking method, preferrable core materials alternate. 0.23 thickness 0.75W/kg or 0.7W/kg core materials have to be chosen. It means that inventory management will be much more critical. If the price arise is considered new sub-suppliers have to be contracted and they have to change their production capacity and process.

For the method of stacking flat yoke technic is going to be more important.

In all transformer purchasing in Europe, EcoDesign Directives must be followed.

Finally, we can summarize changing for core as below:

  • Low loss grades core materials will be much more important such as ZDKH 0,23 mm 80,75,78,70 W/kg. Core suppliers and transformer manufacturers should arrange their production and stock levels accordingly.
  • Selecting the correct core grade material will be much more important according to the optimization of price and loss values- sometimes selecting expensive core material may result cheaper transformers in total.
  • Selecting the optimal number of different core bandwidths while constructing the core will be much more important.
  • «Flat yoke technique» will be much more preferable for transformer manufacturers.
  • «Oval shaped core» will be much more preferable for transformer manufacturers

Article-2 will be launced soon!

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