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Soft Starter

Soft Starter

Soft Starters are designed and manufactured to reduce the starting current & gradually increase it until it reaches its full rated speed so that the high inrush current is prevented.

Every industry, for any application, looks to install a motor that is both robust and high in efficiency. For this reason most machines used are three phase AC types. Protecting these motors with the help of specially developed equipment, and most importantly- the Soft Starter, ensures their safe operation, is vital to the health of the motor and prevents potential damage, thus maximizing motor life span.

Soft Starters Provide the Following Benefits:

  • Reduced starting current, eliminates voltage drops and dips in the supply network
  • Smoother acceleration of loads, eliminates the process or product damage
  • Extended lifetime of all mechanical components – For example; eliminates gearbox damage and results in less maintenance & downtime
  • Extended motor life
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs