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Vertical Winding Machine

Vertical Winding Machine

Vertical winding machine invented to coil up winding with vertical positioning.

The Vertical Winding Machine is of two types as stated below:

Pit type winding machines:  Pit type winding machines are used for winding large size transformer coils and are installed in a Pit. In a pit type machine the winder head moves vertically making it convenient for the operator to stand on the floor level during the winding process.

Floor type winding machines: This machine is capable to coil up up to 50 tonnes These machines have two platforms: operator platform and bobbin platform which moves up and down through hydraulic scissor lift.   These types of machines are installed mainly where making of a pit is not possible. A semi-automatic vertical winding machine is more accurate than manual processes. The ability to pre-calculate stopping positions lets workers automate much of the winding process while offering enough control to plan out manual work ahead of time. The simplest tasks can be achieved at incredible speeds, and conductors can be bent automatically to cut labour hours in half.