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UPS Systems

UPS Systems

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is an electronic device that prevents the mains supply of any electrical, electronic device from being cut, high or low out of tolerance.

The purpose of the uninterruptible power supply is to protect the systems connected on it and to continue the supply of the system for a while in case of a power cut. Protection of a system in terms of energy means that it is fed within the voltage and frequency tolerances that the system in question can accept. Therefore, the first feature expected from uninterruptible power supplies is to produce an adjusted energy by keeping the grid energy at predictive voltage and frequency values. The other is that it supports the interruption in case of energy cut and thus without any opportunity for loss of information. Another function of uninterruptible power supplies is to protect the devices connected to them in case of noise and interference that may come from the network.

Uninterruptible power supplies are generally divided into five sections:

  • Charger Unit: It generates charging of batteries and DC power for the inverter.
  • Inverter Unit: Converts the DC voltage provided by the batteries and the charging unit to 220 V AC.
  • Batteries: When the power is cut, it generates the DC voltage needed by the inverter. Completely maintenance-free dry type batteries are used.
  • Static By-Pass: It provides the transfer to the network without interrupting the load it is connected to in case of overload or any failure.
  • RS-232 / USB communication unit: It is used to monitor the information about the uninterruptible power supply on the computer screen.

Uninterruptible power supplies can be divided into three types in structure:

  • Off-Line UPS: It is the type that directly connects the load to the network if the network voltage is within certain tolerances, switches to uninterruptible power supply when the mains voltage is out of tolerances and can supply for a short time.
  • Line-Interactive UPS: It is the type that adjusts the mains voltage to the load, switches to uninterruptible power supply when the mains is cut, and can supply for a short time.

Online UPS: It is the type that continuously feeds the loads from the uninterruptible power supply and charges the batteries from the network if there is mains voltage